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Interior Work Only

Areas I Work in: Milford and Surrounding Communities
Interior Painting Only

 I Work in: Wixom and the Surrounding Communities

Interior Painting Only

Is There an Interior Painter Near me in Wixom

You have probably been wondering, is there an interior painter near me in Wixom with extensive experience handling a wide variety of professional painting services.

You won’t find anyone with more experience than me. My name’s Ivan Fox “The Paint Guy Ivan”, and I’ve been painting professionally for over 30 years dating back to the 70s.

Here’s some details about my history. I started out as an apprentice in residential custom panting, then earned a journeyman’s card.

In 1995 I added a certification for troubleshooting residential applications of paints and stains from The Paint Quality Institute’

Throughout the years I’ve worked with many qualified interior decorators and I’ve worked extremely hard to establish a reputation as the premier painter in the Wixom area, and that reputation includes a relentless dedication to customer service.

I Have an Overall Rating of 5 Stars on Google

I have an overall rating of 5 stars on Google, and if you scroll through some of those reviews, you'll see numerous examples of that dedication to customer service in real-life situations.
Here's a brief summary of what you can expect if you hire me for a job. I have an extraordinary team, and you can rest easy knowing that I've done background checks on all members of my team. I'm appropriately licensed in the state of Michigan, and I have liability insurance for up to $1 million.
Your walls and ceilings are meticulously inspected for issues like cracks, nail pops, divots and so on, and surfaces are repaired and sanded.
As for the paint job itself, primer is applied if necessary. We inspect all of our work as we go, and everything we do must pass a thorough inspection by myself and the customer before being considered complete. You'll be thoroughly informed about the standards we apply to our work, and we observe them rigorously.
When the job is done, we do a post-inspection, and all rooms are restored to their pre-job state, including tape removal, floor sweeping, vacuuming carpets, and removing trash from the job site.
The range of jobs I perform includes custom interior painting, along with plaster and drywall repair and skim coating. I use a complete array of environmentally friendly paint products. So, you'll be getting the best materials on the market when I take on your job.
There's one other reason you should hire me for your paint project. The work I do will not only beautify your home, but it will also add to the value of it, and my team and I will make sure it gets done with minimal distractions as you continue to go about your daily life.

Call me for a free consultation. You'll be glad you did.
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The Paint Guy Ivan
Extraordinary Team

Cleaning and Restoration

Rooms are put back to their former state: tape is removed, floors are swept, and carpets are vacuumed, and all garbage is placed into contractor’s trash can and taken from the site.



Post-painting inspection of work. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. 


Inspect our work before we consider the job complete.


Of all the upgrades you can make to beautify and add value to your home, nothing is more cost-effective or makes a bigger impact than a fresh coat of paint.


Whether you’re looking to put  your home on the market or you’d simply like a fresh new look, our expert painters will make sure the job gets done quickly, minimal distraction to your daily life.



I offer a full menu of painting services for your home, including;

  • Custom Interior Painting
  • Skim Coating and Plaster Work
  • Environmentally Friendly Products
  • Woodwork Sanding, Priming, and Painting
  • Special Finishes


Contact me for a free consultation or estimate on a professional painting makeover for any room in your home.

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Monday to Friday between 7 to 9 AM until the end of day 3:30 to 5:30 PM a full 8-hour day, until your work is complete except for sickness, personal or holidays.