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Ten Tips for Hiring A Painting Contractor

Hiring A Painting Contractor

Hiring A Painting Contractor Near Me

  1. Get quotes. Talk with several painters and ask for written estimates. Accurately compare each estimate. Each painter must be pricing for the same job. Prepare a simple list of the scope of work, specifying exactly which areas need painting, what sheen levels and color you want, and when you want it to be started and completed.
  2. What is the suggested painting process? Check the details of what the painter will do for each surface to be painted, including surface preparation, priming, including type and brand of paint, primer coat, what type of paint, sheen levels, brand colors, and a number of coats.
  3. How are your possessions going to be protected? How will the painter protect the areas around the painting project? For example, how will furniture, fixtures, and floors be protected during interior painting?
  4. How many painters will be working on the job? What will the remedy be if the job isn’t completed on time?
  5. Warranty protection is a warranty on the work and Faq. Does it cover labor and materials or just labor? How long is the warranty and what is it remedy if the paint failure?
  6. Ask for names of previous customers from each painter as references and contact them to get their advice.
  7. Is the painter courteous? Dressed professionally. A dirty, unkept appearance may indicate a lack of care on the job. Look at the inside of his truck, it will tell you a lot.
  8. Is the painter punctual with his appointments and in returning phone calls and generally interested in doing business with you? If the response is slow before the job is awarded, improvement is unlikely when the job starts.
  9. Paint quality. A painter has access to a number of products that are manufactured to different quality levels, insists on a top quality product. Little extra costs will pay substantially because top-quality 100% acrylic paints last much longer than regular paint and cost less over the life of the paint job.
  10. Ask to see proof of License and Insurance. Many so-called painters have no license or insurance. If someone is injured on your job guess who’s liable, you are.

Once you acquire the estimates from each painter with the billing price, you can make an educated choice on which one of those Painting Contractor to choose for your job.

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