I Work in Southern Oakland County and The Surrounding Communities

Interior Work Only

My Guarantee To You

Cell:  248.225.3232

No Smoking, Vaping, Drinking, Loud Music, or Inappropriate Language

We are very sensitive of the environment of your home along with cultural and or religious values.

  • When I start your job, I won’t start another until your job is complete. My hours are Monday thru Friday between 8 to 9 AM until the end of day 4:30 to 5:30 PM a full 8-hour day, until your work is complete except for sickness, personal or holidays.
  • I work with my crew. I don’t leave and come back in a few hours or the next day. I try to do my estimates at lunch time.

  • We won’t make a mess and leave you to do the cleanup; we will restore your space exactly how we found it. No exceptions.
  • Sometimes we work late if there is only a little work to finish, or sometimes a Saturday to finish-up a job.
  • There is usually  a two man crew (each one must pass a painters competency exam before they can start work) and sometimes a 3rd (to help prepare rooms for the painters and cleanup) plus myself (administrative).
  • Once I start your job prices will not fluctuate. I keep my pricing very transparent, the price I give you is the price you pay, except for change orders (additional work added to the contract).
Painting Company

Highest Attention to Detail

best house painting

  1. Moving and protecting furniture, electronics, as part of our job. We move furniture and household items into the center of the room if there is space available, then we encapsulate the furniture in new plastic to ensure there is no paint damage or unnecessary accumulation of dust.
  2. Protecting Floors, tape rosin paper to hard surfaces in the areas where work is done and then cover with a drop cloth.
  3. Cover all carpeted floors with drop cloths.
  4. Remove electric plug covers and switch plates and tape the plugs and switches. If doors are to be painted take off doorknobs/ hinges and reinstalled after painting is complete.
  5. Give a detailed inspection to all the walls and wood trim for imperfections, tits and divots and all nail pops and cracks to be repaired as needed and give a fine sand to all walls and ceilings. Remove, and replace old splitting & loose caulking, also spot prime repaired bare spots.
  6. In Kitchens & bathrooms, if applicable remove fixtures, etc. and reinstalled after painting is complete.
  7. Seal off each room or rooms that we’re working in so odors and dust that is created when we are sanding and painting your walls won’t migrate off into other areas of your home.
  8. We only work in one room at a time. As one room is finishing up, we are preparing and moving into the next.