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Refresh Your Home This Spring With These Paint Colors!

Spring Painting Colors

Spring provides us a sense of regeneration and exhilaration after a long winter. The transition in the landscape from the wintery neutrals of brown, grey, and white to the vivid spring colors can’t help but inspire us! If the new season’s arrival has made you want to add some color to your home, now is the time to do it.

See our piece on why painting in the spring is a good idea and get started with the Best Interior Painting Contractors In Lyon Township, MI.

Spring Painting Colors

The alternatives are unlimited when choosing paint colors to brighten up your space! If you’re unclear where to begin, a helpful piece of advice is to look for inspiration in the world around you. Nature puts on a spectacular show in the spring! Color inspiration may be found everywhere, from the various shades of green in your garden to the charming tiny flowers springing up all around town. It’s easier to start narrowing down the specific hue you’re looking for once you’ve figured out what colors appeal to you.

Interior Spring Paint Colors To Liven Up Your Home

When picking your new spring colors for the interior of your home with the Interior Painting Contractor Northville, Michigan, keep in mind how the room will be used. You might want something brighter and more dramatic to put some excitement into a location that is suited for entertaining. Look for softer, more relaxing tones in spaces where you truly want to rest. There’s so much room to experiment—once you’ve decided on your wall colors, you can focus on highlighting other aspects using accent colors.

●Blush Pinks

Blush pink has the same pastel Easter tones, but it’s more elegant. The beauty of blush pink is that it comes in various tones, ranging from a nearly white tone with just a trace of pink to a pure rosy light pink that doesn’t go overboard. Anything goes when it comes to accent colors! Use neutrals like soft white, light grey, or beige to keep things balanced for a more modest aesthetic. Pair it with sage green, gentle blue, or a deeper grey for a more dramatic look.

For color inspiration, check out Sherwin-Williams Cosmetic Blush.

●Soft & Subtle Grays

We, the finest Interior Painters In South Lyon, Michigan, comprehend what you’re thinking. Is it too grey for spring? Definitely! A light grey tone is a terrific alternative to plain white walls that will bring out the color in the rest of your home. This is an excellent choice for a room with a fantastic dramatic element you want to accentuate, such as a large window, a fireplace, or even a piece of art. Soft grey is the ideal backdrop for experimenting with color, ranging from bright sunny yellows to vibrant turquoise or bright fuchsia pink to bring in those lovely spring components.

For color inspiration, check out Benjamin Moore’s Light Pewter for a natural light grey or Sherwin-Williams’ Alpaca for a more greige effect.

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We can assist you in selecting your perfect colors and will handle all of the preparation work for you—leave it to us and come home to a fresh new room at the end of the day.

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