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Painting Trim in the Fastest, Easiest Way for the Best Results

Painting trim before it’s set is one of the best and fastest methods to do it, but this isn’t always viable. Knowing how to paint the interior décor of your home just like the Interior House Painters might help you avoid becoming disappointed.

Finding the perfect materials and knowing a few expert skills will help you save time while maintaining a professional image.

Suggested Tools

Choose the Right Paint

Although you are not hiring Interior House Painters to do your interior painting, it is essential to keep the following things in mind. Figure out what color and how much paint you’ll need. Depending on the aesthetic you want to accomplish, you can match trim to your wall paint or use a dramatic, contrasting hue to enhance your window or door.
Choose the Right Paint

Secondly, think about the type of trim you have. Though wood is the most common material for interior trim, it can also be constructed of medium-density fiberboard, vinyl, or metal.

Lastly, select a paint that is suitable for the material. Interior wood or fiberboard trim looks best in semi-gloss or satin finishes. Interior metal or vinyl trim requires preparation and specific coatings to resist various weather conditions.

Preparing the Surface

While it may be tempting to jump right in and start painting, planning is crucial for the most remarkable results. Scrape away peeling paint with a putty knife if the trim has it. Caulk that has solidified should be removed and re-caulked. Allow the spackle to dry completely before filling in any cracks or gaps. Sand the surface by hand to make it smooth. Allow drying after wiping down with a water-detergent mixture. If the trim is unpainted, discolored, or heavily patched, start priming it. Allow time for drying. Sand lightly, then wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry.

Preparing the Surface

Prepping the Space

There’s no way you’re going to master it like Interior House Painters do the first time. Nonetheless, we are confident you will do your best to prepare the space! Put painter’s tape to the surfaces along the edges of the trim with a hand masker before beginning, especially if the trim will be coated a darker shade than the outer walls. (No need for painter’s tape on the surfaces, if you’re painting both the surfaces and the trim, it will be a brighter or complementing color.) Trim should be painted first, then the surrounding walls.) Use a tarp or plastic sheeting to cover the floor beneath the window or entrance.

Painting Trim

How to Paint Trim Quickly

You’re now prepared to start painting! Here’s how to do it: Firstly, paint the roof, then the edges, window sills, and any thin portions of trim:

Hire an expert instead!

Even though these ideas can assist you in completing the task, painting trim may be a time-consuming, untidy, and irritating task. However, having professional Interior House Painters is the finest   yet fastest—option. The Paint Guy Ivan is capable of doing the job promptly and professionally. Visit us online or call 248.225.3232 to schedule a meeting now.

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