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Painting Colors That Blend Well With Natural Wood Trim

Painting Colors

Painting Colors  – While it’s usual to apply white paint over dark wood trim, we believe there’s a solid reason to leave the wood alone and let it shine. Wood trim can make your home feel warm and inviting, as well as give it a vintage atmosphere. Allowing your home’s natural beauty to come through adds a certain kind of warmth that can’t be duplicated.

However, choosing the proper shade of wall paint colors with Best Interior Painting Contractors in Lyon Township, Michigan, that combines with wood trim will keep your home from feeling too gloomy.

While most of our suggestions are in color, a few bolder options work just as well with wood trim. Have a look here below.

– Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

If your natural wood trim has much warmth and you want to tone down any orange tones, Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace is a great choice (OC-65). This excellent, crisp white paint has delicate blue undertones. It gives a lot of visual intrigue and contrast to dark wood trim.

– Benjamin Moore Vapor Trails

Vapor Trails (1556) by Benjamin Moore is an excellent grayish-green paint that appears virtually white in spaces with lots of natural light. When coated next to natural wood trim, the gentle green undertones pop. The Wixom, MI Interior Painting Contractors is ideal for a bedroom or office that needs a bright flash of color without becoming overpowering.

– Sherwin-Williams Inkwell

Do you believe that having wood trim implies you can’t use a darkish paint color? Inkwell (SW 6992) by Sherwin-Williams debunks the notion. This deep black has just enough blue to appear almost navy in the correct setting. It seems very warm, moody, unquestionably elegant, and traditional when coupled with rich, dark wood trim.

– Behr Snow Fall

Snow Fall (W-F-600) by Behr is a nice neutral white painting colors that works well with dark grey trim to the deepest brown wood trim and is excellent for lighting up any home. It doesn’t have any solid cool or warm undertones, and it’s ideal for toning down yellowish wood trim because it doesn’t include any yellow. As per the Best Interior Painting Contractors In Lyon Township, Michigan, this white is perfect because it is relaxing rather than stark.

– Benjamin Moore Iceberg

While whites and neutrals are often the most pleasing painting colors to combine with medium to dark wood trim, that doesn’t mean you can’t use color. Iceberg (2122-50) by Benjamin Moore is a bright light blue that offers a pop of color to your living room or hallways without darkening the area. If you ever wish to lighten your trim, this is another hue that looks well with white.

Wondering how to select the flawless paint stain?

We all want our houses to be renovated to be pleasant and inviting without overwhelming. To do this, blend the perfect color scheme with your wood trim.

Of course, choosing a paint color with Best Interior Painting Contractors In South Lyon, MI, is influenced by how it appears in person. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, two of the industry’s leading trim paint manufacturers, will provide sample colors and publications. This allows you to see how the paint might seem in real life.

Now that you have all the necessary information, you can begin painting your trim white. The difference a disregard of paint can make in a room is incredible! Make the most of space with Wixom, MI Interior Painting Contractors and give your remodeling project the finishing touch it deserves.

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