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How Long Do Interior Paintings Last?


Paintings Work – A good coat of paint has remarkable, transformational power in a place. The choices are virtually limitless, with many color and texture variations available. You might be astonished at how altering the color of a space can revitalize its surroundings with the help of a Interior Painter in Northville, MI.

You may also be curious about how long an interior paint job will endure. Knowing what to expect might help you plan out how and when you’ll convert each space throughout your home renovation.

Since we are the most sought-after choice of Interior Painters in Northville, MI, we have created this guide to help you plan. The amount of time it takes can vary depending on the paint, color, and the same space you select.

➔Bedroom Interior Paintings

Bedrooms, on average, require a bit of paintwork of any part of the house. While utilized for at least six to eight hours each day, Bedrooms are not exposed to the same day-to-day tasks as a kitchen, family room, or bathroom. Consequently, a bedroom paint job will typically last a good while longer before requiring a makeover. You can go without repainting your bedroom every 10-12 years. Until, of course, you’re tired of seeing the same shades every night in your bedroom.

➔Living Room Interior Paintings

Nevertheless, because your living room is not regularly exposed to high temperatures, the paint in your bathroom should last a bit too long. A living room paintings job should last roughly 10 years unless and until your tiny artist decides a residing wall makes a perfect art canvas. With Interior Painters in Lyon Township, MI, you can typically begin looking at paint samples after 6 or 7 years, whether your living room colors have faded slightly or you’re tired of seeing the same shades over and over again.

Living Room Interior Paintings

➔Kitchen Painting

The kitchen is among the most widely utilized spaces in your home. And depending on how frequently you cook meals, it’s also a space that will see a lot of wear and tear check Faq. Most kitchen paint jobs last 9-10 years at best. This covers wall paintings, cabinets, and other elevated surfaces. After ten years, you may realize that the original paint color is slowly fading in some spots. When this transpires, it is time to spruce everything up with a whole new look.

Kitchen Painting


Another spot that may be pretty difficult to paint is the bathroom. The steam produced by frequent showering gradually degrades paint polymers and reduces the paint’s binding to the surface material. When this occurs, the vibrant color becomes much more subdued and lifeless. Usually, restroom paint has a lifespan of 3 to 4 years. For a less-frequently used bathroom, such as a guest bathroom, the average will rise to 4 to 6 years. Hence, the more routinely a bathroom is used, the lesser the paint’s longevity.



The grade of paint you select will undoubtedly play a role in deciding how long the color will survive and preserve its original appearance. It is best advised to go for paints with 100% acrylic binders that are very durable. Bright, flamboyant hues might lose their glow when they clash with an updated design or décor. Consider Interior Painters in Novi that can withstand your interior design adjustments.

If you’ve chosen it’s time for a change, get in step with the painting masters The Paint Guy Ivan at Interior Painters in MI, to get complimentary  consultation or to discover more about the various paint alternatives open.

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