Work Time: Monday to Friday between 7 to 9 AM until the end of day 3:30 to 5:30 PM a full 8-hour day

Highest Quality Application

  1. Moving and protecting furniture, electronics, as part of our job if requested, we move furniture and household items into the center of the room if there is space available, then we encapsulize the furniture in plastic to ensure there is no paint damage or unnecessary accumulation of dust.
  2. Protecting Floors, tape rosin paper to hard surfaces in the areas where work is done and then cover with a drop cloth.
  3. Cover all carpeted floors with drop cloths.
  4. Remove electric plug covers and switch plates and tape the plugs and switches. If doors are to be painted take off doorknobs/ hinges and reinstalled after painting is complete.
  5. In Kitchens & bathrooms, if applicable remove fixtures, etc. and reinstalled after painting is complete.
  6. We only work in one room at a time. As one room is finishing up, we are preparing and moving into the next.