Areas I Work in: Lyon Township and Surrounding Communities
Interior Painting Only

Highest Quality Application

  1. Moving and protecting furniture, electronics, as part of our job if requested, we move furniture and household items into the center of the room if there is space available, then we encapsulize the furniture in plastic to ensure there is no paint damage or unnecessary accumulation of dust.
  2. Protecting Floors, tape rosin paper to hard surfaces in the areas where work is done and then cover with a drop cloth.
  3. Cover all carpeted floors with drop cloths.
  4. Remove electric plug covers and switch plates and tape the plugs and switches. If doors are to be painted take off doorknobs/ hinges and reinstalled after painting is complete.
  5. Remove old paint from hardware and make the finished job. (Upcharge for this service.)
  6. Give a detailed inspection to all the walls and wood trim for imperfections, tits and divots and all nail pops and cracks to be repaired as needed and give a fine sand to all walls and ceilings. Remove, and replace old splitting & loose caulking, also spot prime repaired bare spots. (Upcharge for this service.)
  7. In Kitchens & bathrooms, if applicable remove fixtures, etc. and reinstalled after painting is complete.
  8. Seal off each room or rooms that we’re working in so odors and dust that is created when we are sanding and painting your walls won’t migrate off into other areas of your home. (Upcharge for this service.)
  9. We only work in one room at a time. As one room is finishing up, we are preparing and moving into the next.
  10. There is a up charge on a sliding scale for changes of color and or sheen levels of paint in each room.

  • Change of colors or sheen levels two coats will probably be required.
  • Major change of color a primer coat may be required.
  • Water stains or odors (urine),we’ll need to encapitalize it with a primer sealer.
Cutting in straight lines:
  1. We can tape edges which will give a very crisp sharp line. (Upcharge for this service.)
  2. Roller pad will give a straight line just below( approximately 1/16 inch) the ceiling. (Upcharge for this service.)
  3. Free hand (we do free hand as a default unless otherwise specified).
  1. No other workers or other trades people will be on site, while we’re working, from the time I start until the project is completed. If there is, a up charge will be added. The amount will depend how many people and how long they are on site.
  2. Change orders must be in the form of an email or text, NO VERBAL CHANGE ORDERS
  3. Owner will provide material: Material needs to be available upon our arrival. I work with only the Best Quality Paints (rated by Consumers Reports) brand of paint. Exceptions must be in the agreement.
  4. There are several reasons why I don’t supply paint.
    • I can’t be accused of supplying cheap inexpensive paint (to increase my profit margin) and
    • I can’t be accused of spreading the paint too thin and/or watering it down.
  5. A member of your team should be available should material be needed.
  6. A decision maker that has the authority to authorize change orders should be on site until the job is complete.