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Getting a New Look for Your Room this March is Easy with These Paints!

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This March, are you planning to paint your interiors? Check out these best paint brands for sprucing up your living space with the best interior painting contractors in Northville, Michigan, The Paint Guy Ivan.
Paints that don’t give adequate coverage and concealment, leave a thick texture, or have poor overall consistency may cost you a lot of time and resources when you have to redo the work. When it comes to painting your home, go no further but try modern interior paint looks that are both easy to apply. It dries quickly, giving the desired outcomes.

So, in this piece of content, we have reviewed the best interior wall paints for your home, looking at color selection, and finishes. Have a look!

● Behr Marquee

With a 100% one-coat warranty, Marquee is an excellent choice for covering over existing paint with the best coverage. Though it is not the cheapest choice, it is ideal for saving money on house improvements since you will need less paint. Additionally, it’s also stain-resistant.

● Sherwin-Williams Cashmere

We, the Best Interior Painting Contractors in Northville, MI, recommend Sherwin-Williams Cashmere for a buttery texture. This creamy paint slides on effortlessly and leaves no uneven spots or smudging, as some other paints do. Overall, the application is simple and the coverage.

● Glidden Interior Premium

Because of its mold and mildew resistance, this is the highly recommended paint for high-moisture environments. It’s also simple to clean—splattered foodstuffs and beauty products are no challenge. As a consequence, this paint provides good coverage for your kitchenette and bathrooms while also being a low VOC paint.

● Benjamin Moore Aura

Moore, Benjamin Moore Aura is well-known for being one of the best value interior paints, offering optimal results in the shortest amount of time. Ben is a good paint for the price, even if it doesn’t have the smoothest application or coverage. It is an excellent deal for a zero-VOC paint and primer combo.

● Valspar Cabinet Enamel

This latex paint, developed exclusively for cabinets, provides the coverage of oil paints, the durability of low-VOC paint, and the simplicity of an easy-to-clean, water-based finishing. Valspar Cabinet Enamel is one of the most significant interior paints that our customers appreciate.

● Behr Premium Plus

This Greengard-certified paint, Behr Premium Plus is not only low-odor, but it’s also long-lasting and mildew-resistant, making it a great choice for any part of the house. It has excellent coverage and scrubbing capabilities. Try Behr Premium Plus with the Best Interior Painting Contractors In Northville, Michigan for the ideal finish with zero VOCs

Get a Fresh Look for Your Space with The Paint Guy Ivan!

So these were the best paint brands we discussed in the article. Suppose you’re looking for the true pop of color this March 2022. In that case, you can’t do any better than The Paint Guy Ivan in Northville.

Therefore, to make your space more vibrant inside and out, contact us, the Best Interior Painting Contractors In Northville, MI now for a complimentary consultation!

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