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Expensive House Paints : Are They Worth The Price?

House Paints

The cost of house paints can vary drastically, depending on whether you’re painting your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or house exterior, causing consumers to ask how to choose the proper paint for painting your walls. Should you save money by buying the cheapest item on the shelf, or will you be losing quality and durability in the process? Should you spend the most money on the most costly paint option, or will you be overpaying for quality that a less expensive paint may provide? It’s difficult to say whether or not costly house paints are worthwhile.

As a result, to clear up any doubt, the Best Interior Painting Contractors in Wixom, Michigan, have come up with the comparison in this blog post.

Here we go!

Know the Facts About Cheaper Paint

Cheaper paints are less expensive, which may appear to be a benefit. However, it is likely to be a one-time incentive. That’s because less-priced paint usually necessitates purchasing more of it. Paint with a reduced solids content has a more challenging time providing equal coverage, making it less expensive.

However, if you wish to have a more even spectrum of paint on your walls, you may need the assistance of the Best Interior Painting Contractors In Lyon Twp., MI at The Paint Guy Ivan to get that perfect glimpse.

Know the Facts About Expensive Paint

On the other edge, the more expensive paints will provide better coverage. Paint comprises three components: a solvent (water or alkyd), pigment, and a binder. As the paint dries, the solvent evaporates, leaving only the pigment and binder, binding the pigment together. The solids in a can of color are the binder and pigment, and the more of both you have, the better coverage you’ll obtain on your wall.

When painting over a dark color with a transparent base rather than the white base seen in brighter hues, the justification for more expensive paint becomes much more potent. Darker colors have a translucent basis that is more difficult to paint over. To acquire an excellent, smooth, even coating on your wall, you’ll probably need three or more coats of pricey paint. That may seem like a lot, but when you realize that the same effect could be achieved with nine coats of inexpensive paint, it’s evident that the more expensive the paint, the better.

When time is taken into account, the more expensive paints win out again. Allowing a layer of paint to cure can take several hours to a day. You’ll need a couple of coats of paint if you use high-quality paint with more solids. You’ll need coat after coat if you’re using a low-cost paint with fewer solids. Each coat — and the time it takes to dry between coats — adds up to hours and hours before your project is complete.

It’s well worth the money to spend on paint with more solids so that your paint application is even and painting your wall takes less time and work.

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Quality House Paints : Why is it Worth the Price?

Investing in the extras pays off well in the long run. This is the reason why Interior Painting Contractor Lyon Twp., MI, uses higher-quality paint for its projects for the following reasons:

Be Sure to Prime up with The Paint Guy Ivan!

Take the time to prep and prime your walls, even if you’re using pricey, high-quality paint. Fill in any holes or damage before applying a primer coat. Afterward, use a primer to achieve a uniform surface before you begin with the paint job. It will prevent your paint from absorbing into the wall, resulting in unsightly, uneven areas. It also removes imperfections from beneath the paint’s surface. In addition, if you’re painting over a dark color, primer can help cover up the dark paint, allowing you to use fewer layers of paint.

When you choose The Paint Guy Ivan, the finest Interior Painting Contractors in Milford, MI, you will benefit from our expertise and high-quality procedures, which will produce an attractive result for many years to come.

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