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Choose Colors That Add Value to Your Home!


Colors –   Does the color of your house make a difference? Yes, it does! Colors impact a home’s charm and, as a result, its value. The colors you choose for your property have the potential to increase or decrease its market value.

This implies you should use the colors of your property as part of a strategy to increase its appeal. Instead of choosing interior colors based on personal preference, consider what will increase the value of your property when it comes time to sell.

What colors should you use to make your home more pleasant to the broadest possible audience?

Take a look at it all below and get started with the finest Interior Painters In Lyon Township, MI!

➡ Colors for the bathroom

We spend plenty of time in our restrooms and require a soothing environment. The bathroom will be more appealing if it is painted in relaxing hues. Light blue bathrooms appear to outperform those painted in other colors. If the bathroom is light blue, buyers will often spend 1.6 percent more than the home’s projected worth.

Westcott Navy by Benjamin Moore, Naval by Sherwin Williams, and Cloudy Skies by Benjamin Moore are a few such examples

➡ Colors for the kitchen

Light blue to soft grey tones or soft gray-blue is the most popular kitchen colors. This color has a relaxing impact on individuals. When used in the kitchen in light blue to soft grey shades, it produces a setting that purchasers can readily relate to.

Behr Light French Gray, Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray, and Behr Reflecting Pool are a few such examples.

➡ Colors for the bedroom

Colors that make it easier to unwind at the end of the day are the most popular for the bedroom. Blue is the hue that best inspires feelings of trust because of its ability to do so. However, darker blues are preferred over brighter blues.

Navy Masterpiece by Benjamin Moore, Gale Force by Sherwin-Williams, and Mysterious by Benjamin Moore are a few such examples.

➡ Colors for the living room

Most people’s favorite colors for the living room have traditionally been neutrals, and this hasn’t changed. Blues, greys, greens, and whites are neutral for living rooms and corridors. These hues give your home a fresh, clean appearance that potential buyers adore.

Shaded Whisper By PPG Paints, Benjamin Moore Soft Fern, and Sherwin-Williams Alabaster White are a few such examples.

Other colors to consider!

The following colors will also boost your home’s appeal and improve its value.

➡ Warm grays

When applied in high-traffic areas of the home, warm gray tones. You can utilize different warm grey tones throughout your home.

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist, & Gray Owl, Behr Silver Drop, & Dolphin Fin, Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray, & Dorian Gray are a few such examples of Warm Grays.

➡ Velvety beige

This color creates a feeling of spaciousness, brightness, and relaxation in a room. Beige may also be easily adapted to any design style.

Sherwin-Williams Balanced Beige, Nomadic Desert, Shiitake, Alabaster, Benjamin Moore Weimaraner, Behr Natural Almond are a few such examples of Velvety Beige.

➡ Creamy off-white

A few of the most extraordinary things about utilizing this color is how versatile it makes a room. You get a blend of refinement and warmth when you choose this color.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster, Aesthetic White, & Pure White, Benjamin Moore White Dove, Behr Polar Bear & Swiss Coffee are a few such examples of Creamy off-white.

Still, Wondering Where to Begin?
White is the transitional, adaptable color that makes decorating feel like a breeze no matter which direction you want to go in, whether you paint one room or the entire of your home.

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed alternative available in white, some professionals can assist you!

Get a complimentary consultation with The Paint Guy Ivan, Northville, Michigan Interior Painting Contractors so they can point you in the correct direction and make selecting painless and straightforward!

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