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Blue Hues : An Ideal Choice For Your Interiors This Season, As per The Paint Guy Ivan


Blue is the color of choice for many interior home painters, designers, and of course our lovely customers. It’s adaptable, with a broad spectrum of colors that can serve as a neutral or a vibrant flash of shade.

For instance, a somber choice for a library is a dark rich blues or blue-black. Blues that are muted and peaceful set the tone for a bedroom, conservatory, or tranquil bathroom.

We, the Best Interior Painting Contractors in Lyon Twp., have gathered a selection of the finest and most gorgeous blues paint color schemes you would undoubtedly want to explore in this blog piece to get you energized to spruce up

your interiors.
Take a look!

Chalk Blue: Glidden Chalky Blue

Glidden’s Chalky Blues is one of the Interior Painting Contractors in Michigan’s preferred colors. The velvety shade, which falls between blues and grey, can be used as a neutral or a pop of color. By simply changing the accent colors, it’s pretty easy to transform the atmosphere of a place utilizing blue. The Paint Guy Ivan, Interior Painting Contractor South Lyon, Michigan, recommends a bold finish coupled with white trim to enliven a room. If you want to stand out, go with deep black decorations.
Chalk Blue

Gray Blue: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy is one of those colors that looks pretty good in any light. It’s a cheerful hue that’s still neutral, so it’s a good option if you don’t want to go with a loud blue. This tint will look fantastic with complementary neutral colors like beige or grey as accents. This classy, deep navy blue with a solid dark grey undertone would look great in living and dining areas

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Teal Blue: Sherwin-Williams Adriatic Sea

The Interior Painters In Milford, Michigan, favor Sherwin-Williams’ Adriatic Sea since it is so beautiful. They recommend mixing this deep blues with sparkling white trim and toasty wood flooring for a dramatic color combination. This color works nicely in bathrooms since tile looks just as beautiful next to it as woods.

Teal Blue

Light Minty Blue: Behr Snowbound

Blue is a color that can be excessively dark or excessively light. If you prefer the mix of blue and green but wouldn’t want to go too dark, Snowbound or, Sea Foam are great options. It’s a deep blue-green that’s timeless and exquisite without being dark or earthy. While this color appears to be more suited to farmhouse style homes, it also definitely works in a modern contemporary color scheme.

Light Minty Blue

Icy Blue: PPG Inverness Gray

When paired with new white fixtures, PPG’s Inverness Gray is an iced shade of bluish turquoise that looks excellent in bathrooms. This is also a great way to create a soothing environment in a nursery or bedroom. According to PPG, it’s a mild, chilly maritime grey with a watery-blue undertone that pairs well with warmer woody tones.

Try painting your home with The Paint Guy Ivan!

Ultimately, being the Best Interior Painting Contractors In Lyon Twp., we recommend swatching the paint colors you consider. Colors on a computer display differ from those on a swatch in your house. So pick a few shades you’d want to explore and swatch them.

Our staff at The Paint Guy Ivan provides a smooth and flawless interior painting process that will have a significant impact on your home’s overall design appearance and feel.

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